What appears on bank statement with Livejasmin,Imlive,Camcontacts

Livejasmin and bankstatement

Updated on November 2012 
If you use Livejasmin, you will see the name "DDITSERVICES.COM" on your bank statement. Livejasmin is nowhere cited in the record. Below you can see a copy of a record of my own bank statement. I have hidden the 8 last digits of my credit card and replaced it with X. My credit card is in french and my credit card issuer added information at the beginning and at the end of the record.
If you think those records are not anonymous enough, you can pay with Ukash vouchers (only with livejasmin). Those vouchers can be bought at your local store with cash. Then, you just add the voucher details in your livejasmin account (click here to know more about Ukash vouchers at livejasmin).
You can also pay through wire transfer. An umbrella Company will be displayed on your bank statement but there will be no way to communicate with this company and link it to livejasmin. You can also open a bank account at click2pay. Click2pay offers an Ewallet service. It is also used by poker websites like europoker. So, If a possessive wife sees a click2pay debit record on your bank statement, you can say that you played poker online. With click2pay no-one will be able to link the debit to livejasmin because your username and password are required to see Ewallet transactions.

Bankstement in Imlive

First of all, You will see below my bankstatement record after using Imlive. As you can see there is no mention of the website anywhere. Nevertheless, at the end of the bank record, you can read "carte" followed by in fact the last 8 digits from my credit card. This has been added by my credit card issuer. My credit card issuer does that with all the credit card records. I guess that other credit card issuers don't add this information at the end of record. In fact, my credit card issuer has overwritten the end of the record. If the programm would not have done so, we would have the full phone number of the Imlive payment processor CCbill. Plus, if someone googles valetta ccbilleu, she/he can find the support page of CCBILL. If this person knows your email address and youf credit card number, she/he can enter it in CCBILL customer support page and find the link between the credit card bankstatement and Imlive. I guess it is possible to call the CCbill customer support phone and get the same information than on the internet. Whatever the credit card issuer, "valetta ccbilleu com" will appear on your bank statement.
If you are concerned about your bankstatement privacy, i suggest 2 options:
1. Buy a virtual credit card at Payoneer . Payoneer will appear on your bankstatement and noone will be able to trace back the origin of this debit. The Payoneer username and password will be required to access the virtucal credit card transactions.
For me, the second option is better if you know how to keep control over your budget and be a good clock watcher.

Bankstement camcontacts

I used some webcam host services at camcontacts and here is how it appeared on my bank statement. The bankstatement record has words in french because i own a french credit card. All of my credit card records ends with 'carte' (card) followed by the 8 last digits of my credit card. It starts with 'paiement CB' (payment credit card) followed by the date. Whatever the credit card issuer you will see on your bankstatement record CC EUROPE NET with the amount in USD. For somebody who takes a look at this bankstatement, there is no way to understand that it was used for camcontacts. Consequently, if your credit card issuer uses to add information like my credit card issuer, you can easily forecast how the debit record looks like.
PAIEMENT CB 0210 52,93 USD
Jealous wife scenario:
So, let's imagine you have a jealous wife who take a look at all your bank statement records. She sees lots of CC EUROPE NET records and google it. The third result of this page will tell her that CC EUROPE NET is billed by camcontacts. She will then google camcontacts and quickly understands what the topic of this site is.
If you are in this case or a similar case you have two options:
1. Buy a virtual credit card with paypal and then use this virtual credit card. I recommend the Payoneer virtual mastercard.

how to display your own cam on livejasmin chat during cam to cam?

When you are on a private session with a webcam model at livejasmin, first of all click on the camera button at the bottom of the webcam host window. Then, Click on the "size" button on the left, in the drop down menu click on "normal", you will then see the interface below. The yellow box is where you can see your own webcam on screen. For your information, only livejasmin members can activate their webcam in a private show.

UPDATE: In the new version of livejasmin, your own video stream appears at the bottom of the text chat pane. 


Many of you may have their account blocked or denied at streamate.com without any notice, that’s not a problem. The streamate admin team has one of the tighest policy regarding personal details and credit card details inconsistencies. If datas do not match, they may automatically or manually close your account without any notice. By doing so, they want to prevent the use of stolen credit cards numbers or fake credit cards numbers. This closure is only limited to the website.
There is nothing negative about the closure of an account. You may contact the streamate.com support team to arrange it. Thanks to their live support, you can chat online with a streamate customer support without calling them. You may also try another adult chat website.

Blocked credit cards after using adult webcam sites - no worries!

Some people may have their credit card blocked after using adult webcam websites. However, you may have not received any notices from any adult camsites. This issue is often related to the same issue: your credit card details provided to the payment processor are not equal to your personal details provided to the adult cam site. For instance, you entered a nickname (ex: Dave scofield) instead of your real name. This issue can also be due to an address or country mismatch. Then, an adult cam site operator or a program saw the mismatch with your credit card real names and mentioned this irregularity to your credit card issuer which block your credit card.

What to do now to unblock my credit card?

- Call your credit card issuer (mastercard,visa or your bank), and ask them to unblock your credit card.
- In the adult webcam site, change your personal details and enter your real name, your real address and real country. This is very important otherwise your credit card is going to be blocked again. I check the privacy policy for the adult chat websites that are listed in my website and all of them agree to never pass your personal details to a 3rd party.
if you credit card is not blocked and if you read these lines while there is still a mismatch between the datas you provided to the adult cam site and the payment processor, please change your details right now. Otherwise, you may have your credit card blocked someday.

About privacy at camcontacts & streamate.com

Camcontacts privacy policy:
Camcontacts mentions that "The information you provide will be kept confidential and will never be given or sold to any outside organisation.".  I also red sessions were not monitored in the chat host terms. It means your webcam and the text you type, is not recorded by the camcontacts. In my experience, i have never been contacted by any camcontacts representatives and i only received emails when i have setup them. It means, i never received any unwanted emails from camcontacts. I only received emails from chat hosts and alerts. It is possible to setup those emails. When you don't want information to be retained by camcontacts, you just need to send them an email asking a deletion of your personal details.

Streamate.com privacy policy:
The streamate.com privacy policy is different from com contacts.com. It states that: "There are a limited number of situations where we may disclose your personal information to others without first receiving your consent: (1) when legally ordered to do so by a lawful subpoena or court order, (2) if you violate or breach an agreement with us, (3) if we believe conduct by you will harm the property or rights of Streamate or those of Streamate customers or chat hosts, (4) under exigent circumstances to protect the physical safety of Streamate, its employees, users or the general public, (5) in connection with the sale of all or substantially all of our company’s assets or the sale of an entire web site or business division or (6) in order to validate credit card numbers for charging for fee services." 
No information about monitoring of the chat sessions has been described.

Real time selection of live group sex on webcam

The major adult live sex chat websites feature a group sex category. You will find in this category swinger couples. Lots of plots are possible. You will also find threesome with 2 guys and one or 3 women. They are ready for bondage, stripping, licking, dancing, sucking, showing off on cam and role player.

Live Group sex at camcontacts.com:

Groups are not always online. It is advised to subscribe to camcontacts.com first. Then, you can go to the group profile and click on "set alert" to get notified by email when the group will be online. Most of the camcontacts groups come from eastern europe.

Live webcam group sex at Livejasmin:

As compared to camcontacts, more webcam groups are more often online. Nevertheless, it is not possible to get notified when your favorite sex group is online. Registering to livejasmin and add favorite webcam groups is the best you can do. Then, when you will login to livejasmin, you will go to "account" and "my favorites" to see if they are online.

Is livejasmin or imlive a scam?

Is livejasmin a scam?

Today, it is difficult to avoid livejasmin pop-ups when we use to browse websites with adult content. Ads appear from xxx tube sites, TGP galleries and even blogs. So, some people may wonder if livejasmin is a real live sex chat website and if those live stream of female strippers are real. In fact, each time you see a pop-up with a livejasmin video stream of a girl, this particular girl is online at this particular moment. If you click on the window, you will reach her free chat room. That's never a recording.
Livejasmin is among the most serious striptease websites on the net. First of all, it is the biggest strippers website on the net.  According to traffic estimator from Alexa.com, Livejasmin is the 54th most visited website in the US. That's the most visited live sex chat website in the US and in the world.
Livejasmin fights hard use of stolen and fake credits cards. They block any account that they find suspicious. They also fight bad behaviour from models and systematically ban strippers who try to scam customers.
We have tried several times livejasmin and we never had any issues with billing. There credit card payment system provide the same safety than websites like amazon or Ebay by using https protocole. When you buy credits at livejasmin you can see a "lock" icon on the left of the URL bar.

 Is Imlive a scam?

Perhaps you noticed that there are lots of iframe windows in many adult related websites where you can see so called live stream of strippers performing live in front of the cam. You perhaps clicked on one of those windows and reached imlive. Many of you wonder whether those videos are real. The answer is yes. Every video stream comes from a real woman who is live at the time when you load a particular page. Then there are two cases. Either it is a trailer from a particular stripper and then the video freezes or it is a real-time video stream. In all cases, Imlive video streams comes from live lap dancers. By the way, Imlive does not choose where the advertisements appear. Webmasters are the only to choose where they want you to see the ads and which type of imlive ads it will be.
Furthermore, Imlive is the live sex chat website that is the most awarded among the web. This year, Imlive grabbed all the major award from the Adult Industry. They won the 2012 best live sex chat award from YNOT, AVN and GFY.  YNOT and AVN are online magazines dedicated to the adult industry. GFY.com is a forum dedicated to adult webmasters.
At last, i have witnessed that the Imlive customer support fights hard femaler strippers who tries to rip off customers by asking them to send money. I have seen that an imlive stripper has been banned quickly after asking customers to send money through Paypal to her. Imlive also fights hard use of stolen and fake credits cards. That's why it is important to give real personal information when you buy credits. Otherwise, your account may be closed. There is also no problems related to payment. The system is really reliable. Your account is systematically credited when you buy credits with your credit card.
I do recommend to sign up to Imlive because it is one of the most serious adult videochat websites.  Click here to join Imlive